Mt. Baruntse Expedition 7200m.

Baruntse base camp at altitude of 5300m.

Total 35 days of expedition this is a peak which is one of the best view point for the five high mountains like Everest 8848m. Lhotse8516m.

Cho-oyu 8201m. Makalu 8464m. & Kanchanjungga 8611m. And around you can see more mountains which are above the 6800m. And this peak is great according to snow peak grating system and climbing style are Alpine and fix line both we do fix line on the west cool which is 240m Jumaring the verticals about 60* degree mixed climbing rock & ice.

And camp 1 to camp to we do rope up and glacier traverse and some fixes line will the on the big crevasse wall. Camp 2 will be at altitude of 6700m. Between the mt Baruntse 1 and 2 it’s very safe to camp there. And then 500m to summit, it will be the one of the exciting days for you this days because at first we walk on the rope about 200m, and then you will arrive to the fixed rope which is we will fix on the SW wall of Baruntse one and then soon arrive to the ridge need to cross the ridge it will 400m.of fix rope, but it’s not steep up about 30* of ridge and then you arrive to the East summit the altitude of 7100m. From here to the summit it takes about 1and half hours to summit, there will be just walking on the rope up.

Day 1 Arrival in Katmandu 1320m
Day 2 Prepare for expedition equipment
Day 3 Fly to Lukla and trek to Payan 2700m.
Day 4 Payan to pang gom 3020m.
Day 5 Pang gom to ngung sawa2800m.
Day 6 Ngung sawa to odar2901m
Day 7 Odar to Kote 3300m.
Day 8 Kote to Trangnag 4210m.
Day 9 Trangnag rest for acclimatization 5000m.
Day 10 Trangnag to Khare4900m.
Day 11 Khare to Kongma dingma4850m.
Day 12 Kongma dingma to setti pokhari 5100m.
Day 13 Setti pokhare to Baruntse base camp5400m.
Day 14 Rest days in base camp
Day 15 Organizing the group equipment for climbing
Day 16 Acclimatization to west cool 6200m. camp 1
Day 17 Climb up to camp 2 6700m.&back to camp 1
Day 18 Back to base camp 5400m.
Day 19 - 20 Rest
Day 21 Summit plan organizing
Day 22 Climb up to camp 1, 6200m.
Day 23 Continue to camp 2, 6700m.
Day 24 Summit day and back to camp 1 if possible? Or over night in camp 2)
Day 25 Back to base camp
Day 26 Base camp rest and packing days
Day 27 Base camp take up trek to Amphulapcha base camp 5600m.
Day 28 Amphulapcha pass 5800m. And trek to chhukung 4700m.
Day 29 Chhukung to Tengboche 3800m.
Day 30 Tengboche to Namche 3440m.
Day 31 Namche to Lukla 2800m.
Day 32 Lukla Katmandu 1320m.
Day 33 - 35 Extra days

Group size can be organize above 2 person and mostly your trip will be organize by Mera for your acclimatization and then trek to Baruntse base camp and then climb Baruntse and trek back to lukla by Amphulapcha pass but we also can do the same trip by Amphulapcha pass and then to Baruntse base camp it’s on your choice.

Make your holidays with professional Sherpa mountain guide trained to climb and born to be guide at extreme altitude and share the experience with us.

Price will be sending on your inquiry according to the group size.
Option the Itinerary can be change due to your timing and trek from tumlingtard Tashi guan makalu base camp sherpani cool pass camp 1 bye round trip.

Please fell free to contact for more information or Book This Expedition.