Outdoor Education
Special out door education plan for student or mountain climbers who are not enough experienced or not taken any adventure course. To fulfill your knowledge for climbing safely and taking health care in the remote area, we do have idea to make your holiday enjoyable as well as taking safety education at the same time we do organize three types of out door education in Nepal. But all this education are being in the remote mountain area of Nepal, so that during your out door education you will be staying in our camping site.
Types of out door education
  1. General out door education: - introduction about course, fitness training, camping site management, safety, environmental planning for peak climbing programs, knots and rope handling map reading, route finding in the unknown mountain peak, use of belay device, jumar, Ice screw, making natural anchor, basic knowledge of mountain medicine, AMS, rescue plan.
  2. Ice climbing out door advance activities: - fitness training, rope handling and coilling methods, use of rope and types of rope, knots, safety in the mountain, use of different type of belay device, ascending/descending on the rope, How to use ice screw, to make anchor on ice, top rope climbing, lead climbing, Rappling.
  3. Basic knowledge rock climbing: - health and safety, top rope climbing, high rope challenge , belay system, use of different type of belay device, anchor system.

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