Information about Ice Climbing of Nepal
Rollwaling Valley Ice climbing expedition and Tasilapcha pass parchermo peak climbing 26 days

Winter water fall Ice climbing expedition 2007 explored in rolwaling Valley up to great 6+ with 11 pitches and many other short pitches are founded by multimountain guide team .

Winter Water fall Ice climbing in Rollwaling valley is the great spot for adventure lovers who will like to enjoy with nature and do an exciting adventure expedition with us and there are many option to climb according to your technical part how much experienced your in ice climbing if your beginner we take you by first step to teach you how to use the equipment and the handling the ice axe and ice screws and many more . Ice climbing will be 7 days in the Rollwaling valley and trekking for 8 days total 17 days trip from Kathmandu to Kathmandu .

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Winter Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in Himalaya Nepal is not the same as the Alps, Rockies or Patagonia because the weather and temperature in Himalaya is totally different. It is not easy to get to Ice Climbing Locations. To do this you need to trek because all over Nepal we can do Ice Climbing starting from November to March. From different routes we can climb according to your physical and technical capability. In Nepal we do have an Ice Climbing spot in Everest Region, Langtang Region and Annapurna Region starting single pitch to multi pitch. In Everest region we can climb an open crevasse wall, Single pitch water fall Ice climbing 20 meters and multi pitch water fall ice climbing up to 100 meters. Or we can organize an expedition to a 800 meter, multi pitch ice water fall the world longest. The climbing equipment can be hired with us when you arrive.

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Ice climbing in North of Nepal Langtang Region

The Langtang Region is a very famous trekking trail. It is situated north of the capital city, Kathmandu and this region is nearest area to do trekking and ice climbing. It takes 5 days to reach the Ice climbing site Kyngjing Gompa and around Gompa we have some short water fall ice climbing sites for beginners. We can also climb multi pitch according to your physical and technical capability. This is in Singdum which is 3 hours of walking from Gompa.

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